Your loan is centred on how much your property is worth, the land is also valued too and added to the value of the property itself.

What You Should Know About Your Southern California Home Insurance Policy

You know the thrill and the experience of living in Southern California and you have come to love it. But you should note one important thing; insurance. Can your insurance save you if your own gets destroyed in a fire or any other disaster? If you have an insurance agent, this is a relevant question to ask him, and if you don’t, you should seriously consider getting yourself one.

Ensure you have the following things covered to make sure you are absolutely protected:

Do You Have A Replacement Cost Policy Or Actual Cash Value?

There is a difference between the two. If you have a replacement cost coverage policy, it means the insurance company will pay you the total amount your property replacement or renovation costs. Actual cash value, however, will only pay you the market value of the mean. Basically, this means the insurance company will pay you an amount your property is valued out based its age. Evaluate both, you would see that the Replacement Cost Value policy is the most advisable and actually, it is what homeowners sign up for the most.

Is Your Coverage Guaranteed Replacement Cost Or Extended Replacement Cost?

Not many insurance companies provide the Guaranteed Replacement Cost coverage in Southern California but it is the most preferable.It will also give you the exact amount you need to repair or replace your property. It does not matter if it costs more money than the limits specified in your policy. Extended Replacement Cost, on the other hand, will only augment how much your policy covers with a specified percentage.

Here, the policy can add about 50% or 100% of extra policy cost to what your money actually covers. You can’t just get the additional amount; it must come after an endorsement and there are some extra conditions that must be obeyed to get access to the additional money.

Policy Limits

Make sure the premium you pay can cover the replacement cost of your property. This can be very hard to ascertain. Use construction costs, not new construction costs because there is a distinction between the two. Also, make sure that the limit covers additional cost that could cover the latest building requirement. You can always call on a building contractor or real estate expert to know the construction costs of your house.

Do Not Use Your Mortgage As A Basis

Mortgage stuff can need you to insure your property for the replacement cost of the that probably equals to the amount of the loan. That’s what they can do; they do not need your insurance to cover more than the replacement cost value of the property. Normally, your loan is centred on how much your property is worth, the land is also valued too and added to the value of the property itself.

If you have a homeowner policy, the improvements, like what you have built on the land will be insured. It will also include other coverage, but that coverage does not include the land.


Extend Your Search For Coverage To A Broker Or Independent Agent; Don’t Stop With A Direct Writer Agent

This is why this is necessary; a direct writer agent works for a company and will pit the company’s interest at heart. So, they will only offer coverage for the company they work for.
An independent agent, on the other hand, will scour different insurance markets just to find the one that offers the best coverage for you and rates tailored to your needs.

Tell Your Agent Everything He Needs To Know

You should be very careful and detailed in describing your property to your agent. Do not stop at this, follow this up by sending a written description of your property. Also, ask the agent to come over to inspect the house up and close.


Does The Policy Include Ordinance Or Code Coverage?

If you have any need to rebuild your property, know that it has to adhere to the latest building code requirements. If what you’ve got is an older house and you are not subscribed to the Code Upgrade coverage, you policy cannot and will not pay for whatever excess money you will need to pay for construction to satisfy the current building code requirement. Additional Things You Need To Be Sure Of:

• Does your property have the right identification? • Is your address correct?
• Do you have any upgrades on the property and are they identified?
• Is the number of square feet listed accurate? • Is every structure on your property included?
• Does your home house any special equipment or personal stuff that may increase the limit?
• Are you a collector of art, antiques and any other items and does your policy cover them?
• Do you have extensive landscaping or expensive plants?

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Do You An Adequate Liability Coverage?

Make sure you increase your liability limits if you have additional things like a pool, a dog or just anything else in your home.

You might want to know about the umbrella policy. An umbrella policy will absolutely increase your liability limits for your homeowner policy; this also includes auto policies. An advantage of the umbrella policy is that they are very affordable.


Know You Are Prepared And Ask Relevant Questions

Ask lots of question to prevent yourself from getting underinsured in case a disaster occurs. It is only after a disaster occurs that people know their insurance is not comprehensive.

Let’s take a not very pleasant example, during the 2007 San Diego wildfire in Southern California, 75% of the people affected discovered that their insurance was not comprehensive enough to an average of $250,000.


Be very careful and detailed in describing your property to your agent.
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